Oxbow Designs is a structural & interior design house. Within our collective we have over 500 years of heritage and "knowledge holder" history in vernacular architectural forms and other natural building systems.  We focus on the discipline of woodworking & timber framing. We highlight these classic elements with modern design, function, & material. The organic cradled in the human element, the harmonious juxtaposition of  natural and man-made. 


A straight line from point A to point B may be the quickest path, but it is not the most creative, nor the most giving path. An Oxbow river system flows on a route that is far from efficient. It wanders and loops, and in doing so it creates a series of full circles. These water ways are some of the most biodiverse in the world; they move slowly, and with great coverage they soak the landscape with life.  I believe some lives reflect an oxbow river; the full circles can be embraced and the deviations that took us off course can bring life if we let them. Oxbow Designs is not just a company for me, it is a way of living life to its fullest, and in doing so bringing beauty and fullness to others. 

                                                                       -Aaron Wallace, founder of Oxbow Designs